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    Default Sony In-Dash Blu-ray Car BD/ DVD Receiver

    Sony introduces an in-dash car stereo that is capable of playing Blu-ray discs. On the display there was an example of the internals and boards of the receiver. In the images below, the spinning disc was a demo of how the receiver is able to read blu-ray and DVD discs. It showed the blue laser (for Blu-ray) and the red laser (DVD/CD discs). Below that was some of the circuit boards that make the Blu-ray possible.

    The display that had a blu-ray disc playing was ultra clear and vivid. The detail on the 7" screen was unlike anything else that has been produced or on display at the show. They are hoping to have this in a production model in the upcoming year or so. We are hoping that this will be in production soon because the picture quality was truly amazing. Sony is truly making some important and necessary steps forward in the world of mobile AV.

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