All of the new Kicker amplifiers are now featuring a new technology that Kicker refers to as FIT. The Fail-Safe Integration Technology (FIT) is a new technology that reduces noise. As car manufacturers include more and more technology in their cars, more noise enters the car. Some of these things include alternators, computers, advanced car tech, A/V entertainment systems, etc. The noise generated by these components can sometimes be heard through the speakers of an aftermarket audio system (as i'm sure some of you have experienced). The Kicker FIT technology utilizes isolated differential inputs, allowing the noise to be rejected and less electrical interference for the quietest operation possible.

We had some threads here on the forum that were talking about the noise that was created when connecting some headunits and the former Kicker ZX amplifiers. The new ZX amplifiers (and ALL Kicker amps) will now eliminate all noise generated between the headunit and the amplifier. Basically, the Kicker FIT technology will reduce the noise in your audio system and result in a enhanced audio clarity.